The effect of the new cartridges with the Barnes bullets was tested in hunting for cal. 7 × 64 and 308 WIN. The testing persons were asked to not zero in their rifles for this bullet. In spite of the fact that the 7 × 64 bullet is 1 gram lighter, the accuracy was virtually identical. Additional proof was supported by two foxes that were killed at a distance of 80 meters. They were killed at reduced visibility and moonlight. The killing shots were accurate and the point of aim was almost identical to the hit.

Roe deer and wild boar were also bagged with these bullets. The roe deer died on the spot and vital organs were hit (heart and neck). As far as wild boars are concerned, those with live weight up to 50 – 60 kg died on the spot. Interestingly, one boar (weighing about 24 – 27 kg) was shot straight in the head (the bullet transversely passed through the front part). The boar was slaughtered and we found that two neck vertebrae were literally crushed, even though the bullet passed 25 cm from them. Another wild boar about 112 kg in live weight managed to run 60 m away from the place where it was hit. We should mention that this heavy animal was not shot at the heart or aorta, but the bullet hit part of the lungs and the liver. Of importance in this case is that the bullet passed through the entire body and the boar bled, in which case it was very easy to find. When hit, the boar was mildly moving.

The following positive items can be derived from the first practical experience:

JUDr. František Kollár
ČMMJ (Czech hunting association), Czech Republic


Barnes once again leads the industry in offering the consumer the latest in new technology for shooting. The coating on the new XLC Coated X-Bullet is a super high-tech dry film lubricant that we have found will substantially decrease the friction within the bore of your rifle. This leads to almost double the shots between cleaning because the copper build-up is dramatically reduced. Accuracy will also stay better for up to twice as many rounds and in addition, the barrel will stay cooler while shooting.

The coating is applied by state-of-the-art spray equipment one bullet at a time and then heat cured. It will not rub off onto your hands. This is a permanent coating, unlike any other, not just a film that is simply „burnished” onto the bullet in mass numbers and messy to use. In all, this new coating will prove to be a major breakthrough for shooters looking for another edge while in the field.


  • X-Bullet Technology
  • All copper construction
  • No fragmentation
  • Four razor sharp cutting edges for deeper penetration
  • More one-shot kills
  • Virtually 100% weight retention
  • The majority of the game is not destroyed
  • Coating reduces pressure & fouling
  • Coating is permanent (moly)
  • Coating keeps barrels cooler
  • Coating enhances accuracy
  • Coating does not coat the bore
  • Coating increases velocity

Meets the environmental requirements for Scandinavia valid starting 2006.


  • 6,5 × 55 SE
  • 270 WIN.
  • 7 × 64
  • 7 × 57 R
  • 7 × 65 R
  • 308 WIN.
  • 30-06 SPRING.
  • 300 WIN. MAG.
  • 8 × 57 JS
  • 8 × 57 JRS
  • 9,3 × 62
  • 9,3 × 74 R

MRD* - the most recommended distance. For details click here.

Rifle hunting ammunition with Barnes bullets
Product No. Bullet Cartridge
No Type Weight Weight Length
grs g g mm
6,5 × 55 SE
270 WIN.
7 × 57 R
7 × 64
7 × 65 R
Product No. Bullet Cartridge
No Type Weight Weight Length
grs g g mm
308 WIN.
30-06 SPRING.
300 WIN. MAG.
8 × 57 JS
Product No. Bullet Cartridge
No Type Weight Weight Length
grs g g mm
8 x 57 JRS
9,3 × 62
9,3 x 74 R


I have been hunting all of my adult life. (I am 46 years old). I have been building custom rifles for myself about 10 years and I work part time as a gunsmith at our local gun store. I have been around firearms and the shooting community more than the average person and I have never been more satisfied and had more confidence in a bullet than your Barnes XLC in 7 mm 140 grain.

Lynn Morgan, source:

Frankonia Jagd's staff tested Sellier & Bellot cartridges with BARNES XLC bullet cal. 7 × 57 R, 308 WIN. and 30-06 SPRING. from the initial series for a number of months and reached optimal results. An 81 kg wild boar collapsed after 50 meters of running. Three other wild boars (60 – 70 kg) were killed immediately. All of the new Sellier & Bellot BARNES XLC cartridges tested produced minimum damage to the body cavity. We believe that you will be convinced to use these cartridges during the hunting season.

Sebastian Hofmann, Frankonia Jagd, Germany


Q. What is the new XLC coating and what it is made of?
A. The XLC Coating is a proprietary formula that is applied wet by state-of-the-art spray equipment, one bullet at a time and cured in an infrared oven.

Q. Will XLC coating rub off?
A. No, because of the composition and method used to apply and cure the coating, it will not rub off.

Q. Will the XLC coating reduce pressure & fouling?
A. Yes, the XLC coated bullets will reduce pressures by more than 11 % and reduce cleaning time by 37 %.

Q. Will the XLC coating coat the bore?
A. When cleaned with CR-10 bore cleaner we saw no noticeable sign of the coating in the bore nor did we see any layering affect (copper under coating).

Q. Will the XLC coated X-Bullet shoot more accurately?
A. Due to the reduction in friction we see accuracy staying consistent for a longer period of time as well as a reduction in cleaning time and frequency.

Q. Will I lose velocity with the pressure reduction?
A. Yes. When pressure is reduced, velocity is also reduced. However, when pressure is again increased to safe limits, velocity increases. Unlike other coatings, with Barnes XLC Coated X-Bullets you can expect an increase up to 60 m/s in velocity.


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