Hunting rifle ammunitions with PTS bullets Hunting rifle ammunitions with PTS bullets

243 WIN. - PTS

We also produce in this caliber:

Category Bullet
Type Weight
grs g
Rifle ammunition FMJ 80 5,20
Rifle ammunition SP 100 6,50
Training (FMJ)
FMJ 80 5,20
Rifle hunting
bullets Nosler
NSR 100 6,5
Product No. V330782
Bullet No 24532
Type PTS
Weight grs 95
g 6,10
Cartridge Weight g 20,1
Length mm 67,0
Velocity (m/s) V0 885
V100 815
V200 751
V300 691
Energy (J) E0 2389
E100 2026
E200 1720
E300 1456
Barrel length (cm) 60
Points of
impact (cm)
distance (m) 50 -0,8
100 0
200 -9,8
300 -37,1
MRD* m 181
Points of
MRD (cm)
distance (m) 50 1,0
100 3,7
200 -2,4
300 -25,9
Pcs per box 20
Boxes per case 25
Weight per case kg 11,5
lb 25,5


MRD* - the most recommended distance. Please, click here for more information.

SB - Bullet PTS

3_mrd.gif, 4 kB 4_mrd.gif, 4 kB

SB - Bullet PTS bullet is the result of efforts of hunting cartridge designers to develop bullet with high wounding effects preserving concurrently excellent ballistic values. The bullet with lead core is covered with strengthening casing and furnished with polymer tip. Optimum shape enables the bullet to achieve higher speed and trajectory stability. These characteristics ansure excellent accuracy and wounding capability of the bullet that remains compact even at the moment of the strike, it does not shatter and it does not impair game. Together with Sierra and Barnes bullets, PTS bullets extend the range of rifle cartridges used for hunting and they extend possibilities of optimum choise for various kinds of use.


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