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Detonator No. 8 AI

Detonator No. 8 AI is a basic ignition agent to initiate detonation and detonating cord. Use is permitted at working places without danger of an explosion of gases and dust. Detonator fuse No. 8 AI is initiated into operation by a flame of burning fuse or by electric detonator. It is used within a range of temperatures from -15 °C to +35 °C.


One metal or cardboard box contains 100 detonators. Each box contains a label with notification for the consumer. One folding box contains five filled boxes. Folding boxes are placed into double cardboard boxes. A gap between the inside and outside of the box is filled with fixing cardboard insertion. The basic quantity in one package is 5 000 and 10 000 pieces. When less quantity is required, the free space is filled with suitable material.


In accordance with valid international regulations for transport of dangerous goods (ADR, RID, IATA, IMDG Code, RTDG) a detonators are transported in transport packages that are classified into packing group I or II, indicated with the letter "Y" or "X". Ddetonators are indicated as follows: identification number UN 0029, class 1, classification code 1.1B, number1.


A detonators are stored in dry rooms with a temperature from -5 °C to +35 °C. Relative humidity must not exceed 80 percent. A detonators should be used within 24 months.

Technical Parameters:


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