Pistol and revolver cartridges Pistol and revolver cartridges

.45 COLT - JHP

We recommanded in .45 COLT:

Category Bullet
Type Weight
grs g
Pistol and revolver
LFN 200 12,9
Pistol and revolver
LFN 250 16,2
Pistol and revolver
FMJ 230 14,9
Product No. V311772
Bullet Type JHP
Weight grs 230
g 14,9
of jacket
CuZn 10
Cartridge Weight g 24,1
Length mm 40,64
Velocity (m/s) V0 253
V25 247
V50 241
Energy (J) E0 477
E25 455
E50 433
Barrel length (mm) 102
Points of impact (cm) 12,5 0,2
25 0
50 -8,1
Pcs per box 50
Boxes per case 12
Weight per case kg 15,4
lb 34


* Produced with primer Berdan 4.5 mm only

FMJ = Full Metal Jacket
WC = Wadcutter
SP = Soft Point
JHP = Jacketed Hollow Point
LRN = Lead Round Nose

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Bullet JHP

sb31042_cely.jpg, 4 kB sb31042.jpg, 4 kB

A semi-jacketed bullet with an expanding hollow in its front part and a lead core fully covered with tombac jacket. There are few axial grooves on the jacket around the hollow. The bullet effect depends on the target resistance and terminal energy.


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