Nontox cartridges Nontox cartridges


We recommanded in .357 MAGNUM NONTOX:

Category Bullet
Type Weight
grs g
Nontox cartridges TFMJ 158 10,25
Product No. V311122
Bullet Type SP
Weight grs 158
g 10,25
of jacket
CuZn 10/Fe
Cartridge Weight g 15,70
Length mm 40,39
Velocity (m/s) V0 385
V25 363
V50 342
Energy (J) E0 760
E25 675
E50 600
Barrel length (mm) 150
Points of impact (cm) 12,5 -2,0
25 0
50 -2,7
Pcs per box 50
Boxes per case 20
Weight per case kg 17,0
lb 37,5


* Produced with primer Berdan 4.5 mm only

FMJ = Full Metal Jacket
WC = Wadcutter
SP = Soft Point
JHP = Jacketed Hollow Point
LRN = Lead Round Nose

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Bullet SP

sb31065_cely.jpg, 4 kB sb31065.jpg, 4 kB

Semi - jacketed bullet - soft point. The bullet has a lead core. The lead core is bare in the front part. When hitting the target it gets deformed to make a mushroom - like shape, which ensures that kinetic energy is transferred fast. The bullet is characterized by the low ability to rebound. It is made in caliber's 9 mm Luger, 38 Special and 357 Magnum.


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