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Can I buy the cartridges Sellier and Bellot on-line?

The law of the Czech Republic doesnīt admit the on-line business with cartridges. In accordance with the law 119/2002 and subsequent regulations collect on ddelivery is not allowed.

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Where and how can I claim the cartridges?

According to the law you can claim the cartridges in the same way as other goods, at the retailer, who sold you these cartridges.

In case of any problem with your retailer, you can contact our skilled representative:

Ing. Josef Pastorek


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Why donīt you have the official price list on your web sites?
The firm Sellier and Bellot doesnīt sell the cartridges directly to the customers, but to the retailers. The prices of individual retailers might be different. For acquisition of prices you must therefore contact the retailers.
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Is it possible to buy the separate parts of cartridges?
We offer to our customers the cases, bullets and primers depending on inquired quantities and current production situation. 
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I canīt find needed information in your catalog. Whom can I contact?
If the information isnīt in the catalog or on our web sites, you can send your special demand to the following e-mail address:
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How can I acquire the Sellier and Bellot catalog?
The catalogs (or overviews) Sellier and Bellot should be free accessible by retailers, at exhibitions or presentations. It is also possible to download the catalog to your PC and you can also ask it free from the factory Sellier and Bellot.
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I acquired an old cartridge (case) - where can I find the caliber of this cartridge (case) and information how it is old?
Send us the exact description with the dimensions, preferably with the photo to the e-mail address and we will try to identify the caliber and the age of this cartridge (case).
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Whatīs the guarantee and shelf life of cartridges?
  • In accordance with the Civil Code, the guarantee for cartridges is two years.
  • The shelf life of cartridges is however much longer. It depends on the means of storage. If you arenīt sure with the safety of cartridges after the guarantee time please contact us on the e-mail address .

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Whatīs the difference between the sporting shotshells SUPER and SPORT?
Sporting shotshells SPORT represent modified shotgun shells SUPER. This modification was made according to the requirements of our representation team. They have got lower energy and smaller recoil 
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Can you reload my used cases?
The firm Sellier and Bellot isnīt engaged in reloading of cases. It is very arduous small scale production incompatible with modern production of cartridges in large lots.
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How can I acquire the ballistic coefficient of your bullets?
If you need the ballistic coefficient of some our bullet, please send your demand to our mail address . We will send you the value of ballistic coefficient for the method METRO and also ICAO.
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What kind of choke may I use for safe shooting of the bullet SLUG from a shotgun?
Our SLUG loads are safe for shooting from shotguns with any kind of choke including the full choke.
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Where can I find information relating to the Cup of Sellier and Bellot?
The detailed information are on the official sites of the Cup of Sellier and Bellot :
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