Pistol and revolver bullets

Bullet FMJ

Full – jacketed bullet. Its lead core is covered with a metallic jacket. Due to its rigid design, the bullet makes a smooth penetration without devastating the tissue, as it does not get deformed when hitting the target. The bullets with ogival-shaped front part are used in caliber's 6.35 Br., 7.65 Br., 9 mm Br, 9 mm Makarov, 7.62 × 25 Tokarev, 9 mm Luger, the bullets with the front part of truncated cone are used in caliber's 40 S&W, 38 Special, 357 Magnum and 9 mm Luger Subsonic.

Bullet TFMJ

Bullet determined to ecological version of cartridges with primer type NONTOX. Copper capping disc covers the bottom part of lead core, thereby eliminates lead vaporization to the shooter's surrou­ndings while shooting.

Bullet JHP

A semi-jacketed bullet with an expanding hollow in its front part and a lead core fully covered with tombac jacket. There are few axial grooves on the jacket around the hollow. The bullet effect depends on the target resistance and terminal energy.

Bullet WC

A homogeneous lead bullet suitable for competition shooting. It features excellent accuracy and produces circular bullet hole when hitting the target. The caliber supplied: 38 Special.

Bullet LRN

A homogeneous rounded-point lead bullet whose surfaces are treated with a plastic so that lead abrasion may be reduced. Appropriate for all shooting opportunities. Supplied in 9 mm Luger and 38 Special caliber's.

Bullet SP

Semi – jacketed bullet – soft point. The bullet has a lead core. The lead core is bare in the front part. When hitting the target it gets deformed to make a mushroom – like shape, which ensures that kinetic energy is transferred fast. The bullet is characterized by the low ability to rebound. It is made in caliber's 9 mm Luger, 38 Special and 357 Magnum.

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