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Game Preserve

We are proud to welcome you to the Sellier & Bellot game preserve. Covering over 73 hectares it is home to several wild game species including 56 red deer and 36 fallow deer.

The nobility of Vlašim began protecting and rational breeding of wildlife animals in closed forest areas as early as in the beginning of the 17th century. At first „vobory pánovy“ ("The Master's Deer Park”) was almost the whole area of the present-day castle park. When the area around the castle turned into a landscaped park, around at the time of Marie Josepha Auersperg, the game preserves in Němčí near Skalka and Bolina – today's Sellier & Bellot game preserves followed. The unification and expansion of the entire planned area for the new game preserve started around 1800.

In the game preserve fallow deers, roe deers and later pheasants were bred. There was a small wooden building for wintering white and black swans at the pond. In autumn nobility used to arrive to Vlašim for hunts. Even the Crown Prince Rudolf used to come there during his stays in Prague. Big changes came after the World War I in 1918. As a result of the Appropriation Act, the estate fell into the hands of government, which however did not last long. On June 17, 1925 the State Board of Land in agreement with the Ministry of Education returned much of the estate, for which there were no applicants, again to the Auersperg family. On February 16, 1933 the whole game preserve was sold to company Sellier & Bellot.

Since the foundation red deer in the number of 50 pieces and fallow deer in the number of up to 20 pieces have been bred in the game preserve. Moufflons were also shortly bred here in 1980’s.

Today the game preserve serves as a representation for Sellier & Bellot customers and business partners. It plays an important role by the successful breeding of genetically valuable, strong, healthy and mature trophy animals. Sellier & Bellot also tests new rifle cartridges here.

Significant trophies:

deer 217,78 b. CIC (2002) fallow deer 204,28 b. CIC (2009)
210,98 b. CIC (2008) 203,97 b. CIC (2006)
205,28 b. CIC (2000) 194,04 b. CIC (2004)
203,87 b. CIC (2005) 194,03 b. CIC (2004)
203,33 b. CIC (1995) 189,63 b. CIC (1999)
moufflon 208,52 b. CIC (1997)  

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